■ Paradox Jessica (lead) Short Film for Festivals

■ Casablanca "I Love You" Isla (lead) Scene Remake (New England Institute of Art)

■ D.W.Y.T. for Chris E-Fame Dancer (principal) Music Video - McElroy Films

■ Founders Day Alison (supporting) Funding Trailer for Feature Horror

■ The Opening Act Tamara (principal) Tufts Student Film

■ The Court Fire Witch (supporting) Emerson Student Film

■ Nothing Left to Lose Claire (principle) Bentley Student Film

■ Juxtaposition Woman (lead) Emerson Student Film

■ Smoking Kills Anna (lead) Harvard NYFA Student Film

■ A Lasting Moment Stacy (lead) Emerson Student Film

■ Extreme Blue Janet (principal) Mass Arts Student Film

■ Hobos with Fireworks House Wife (supporting) Seton Hall Student Film

■ Bummer Estate Agent (supporting) Seton Hall Student Film

■ Infomercial Real Life Account Seton Hall Student Film

■ ​Game Show Host Seton Hall Student Channel


■ Inmost Thoughts Wendy (lead) Webseries - Radical Rat Studios

■ South Shore High Lei (lead) Trailer for Pilot - Asian Boston Media Group

■ Sins&Secrets Friend (supporting) Episode - Jupiter Entertainment


■ ​TJX/Marmaxx Corp Kim Martin (lead) Industrial

■ ​Quinsigamund Community College Maya (lead) Local MA Commercial/Davis Advertising

■ Carmike Cinemas Turkey Creek Teen (principal) Local TN Commercial

■ Arkansas College Careers Teen (principal) Industrial


■ Invasion Lara/ Eric (lead) Apollinaire Theatre Co/Danielle Jacques

■ ​Bocon Rosita (principal) Apollinaire Theatre Co/Danielle Jacques

■ The Girl with Three Arms One Woman Show (lead) Bostonia Bohemia&Fort Point/Jaime Carillo

■ Songs of the Dragon Flying Up American Korean (lead) Apollinaire Theatre Co/Danielle Jacques

■ ​​Intense Creatures Yearning Gal (lead) Bostonia Bohemia/Jaime Carillo

■ The Foreigner Catherine Simms (lead) Sea Change Theatre/Jason Schaum

■ ​Hector and Achilles Briseis (principal) MIT Shakespeare Ensemble/Edward Eaton

■ ​A Christmas Carol Laundress/Guest (principal) Berkshire Theatre Group/Eric Hill

■ ​The Betrothed Townsperson (extra) Chester Theatre/Byam Stevens

■ Deconstruction Jenny Li (lead) Casino Theatre Play Festival/James Phillips

■ Surviving Ragnarok One Woman Show (lead) Brandeis Theatre Company/Nicole Dalton

■ ​365 Plays in 365 Days Mother/Ensemble (lead) Brandeis Theatre Company/Akiba Abaka

■ Orestes/Iphigenia Athena (supporting) Brandeis Theatre Company/Eric Hill

■ Heaven or Hell (devised) Ensemble (lead) Brandeis Theatre Company/Susan Dibble

■ Hamlet: (devised) Ophelia (lead) Brandeis Theatre Company/Marya Lowry

■ ​Escape from Happiness Gail Dawson (lead) Brandeis Theatre Company/Doug Lockwood

■ She Stoops to Conquer Constance Neville (lead) Brandeis Theatre Company/Eric Hill

■ ​Wait Until Dark Suzy Hendrix (lead) Seton Hall Main Stage/Deirdre Yates

■ The Foreigner Betty Meeks (principal) Seton Hall Main Stage/Deirdre Yates

■ ​Much Ado About Nothing Margaret (supporting) Seton Hall Main Stage/ Doc McGlone

■ Love, Sex, and the IRS Vivian Tractman (principal) Seton Hall Theatre Council/Mark Saylor

■ You Can't Take it With You Duchess Olga (supporting) Seton Hall Main Stage/Doc McGlone

■ Laramie Project Marge/Ensemble (principal) Seton Hall Theatre Council/Bryan Lucas

■ A Twisted Slice of Life Ensemble Cast (lead) Etched in Stone Prod/Towanna Stone-Lee

■ Clue Miss Scarlett (lead) Chestnut Tree Players

■ The Intelligent Design of Jenny Jenny Chow (lead) Chestnut Tree Players

■ Confessions of Women fr East LA One woman show (lead) Chestnut Tree Players

■ Peter Pan Tiger Lily (principal) Chestnut Tree Players

■ The Wizard of Oz Ensemble (supporting) Chestnut Tree Players

■ Phiefer's People Ensemble (lead) Chestnut Tree Players

■ ​The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Alice Wendelken (lead) Chestnut Tree Players

■ Wonder of the World Cass Harris (lead) Chestnut Tree Players

■ ​Fairly Odd Stories Red Hen/Ensemble (lead) Chestnut Tree Players

■ Laramie Project Zubaida Ula (principal) Morristown Theatre Guild/Mica Shane

■ Adventures of Tom Sawyer Aunt Polly (principal) Chestnut Tree Players​​​​​​